Before Moving
What information do you need?
Before your move, we confirm your address and phone, so we know where to park and
can give you a heads up before our arrival.

Do I have to pay for a reservation?
No way. You don’t pay anything until we arrive, but give us early notice if plans change.

How should I prepare my fragile items?
We have all the moving supplies necessary, but we ask you package fragile items
before we arrive. This might be items like picture frames, dishes, etc. Let us know on
arrival if there are things we should take extra care with.

What about valuable items?
Take your personal electronics, jewelry, and other valuable items before we arrive.
They won’t get misplaced in-transit, and it will save us time guessing if something
needs extra attention.

Temporary parking permits
It only takes a few minutes to reserve and pay for temporary parking permits, yet they save serious time, money, and frustrations. Most of Los Angeles is just $57 per permit, which are issued 8am through 6pm. The city requires at least 5 business days to post the permits.

LADOT (213) 485-2298

Pricing Details

What moving supplies are included?
8 major items shrink wrapped, 5 wardrobe boxes, and 5 rolls of 330-foot tape. Each additional is $8.
10lbs bundle of color free newspaper print. Every additional 5lbs is $8.
12 boxes S, M, L. Additional boxes. Each additional is $2, $3, $4, respectively.

How do you bill hourly?
The ‘clock’ starts after you sign an invoice upon our arrival. We bill by the 1/4 hour. Fuel is included, but keep in mind, we double our drive time for hourly rates. We’ll give you an estimate of how many hours it’ll take before starting. When your move is completed, we determine the final cost and hand you an invoice. Simply pay the total and you’re all set.

How does a custom quote work?
We get as many details as possible before arrival. This usually includes photos of your home, showing us how many pieces of furniture we’ll have to move. We also factor in the travel time to your new place, if you have stairs or elevators at each location, and any special requests. We’ll take one last look at your place on arrival to determine the final cost. Simply the final rate, and you’re all set.

Day of Moving
How long does it take?
It usually takes a few hours to package your items with care and move out of your old place. We’ll drive to your location, unpack the van, and move everything back in. Unpacking usually takes less time than packing, except if it’s difficult to get into your new place (you might have stairs, long walkways, or small doorways). Most moves generally take 2/3 day if you’re moving across town.

Do I have to stay while you move?
Nope! We encourage you to take the day off by having a nice lunch by the beach.
Leave us the key and we’ll lock up when we depart. We’ll call when we’re on the way to your new place—giving you time to meet us before we arrive.

You can even give us the keys and directions at your new place, and we’ll unpack everything. But if you’re moving to a secure building, make sure someone is there to show greet us if you can’t make it. Most of our customers meet us at their new place after lunch.

After Moving

What if something gets lost or damaged?
It’s rare if something like this happens, but if you do notice something awry, you can easily file a claim. Remember to package your fragile items and remove your valuables before we arrive.
Click to see: Maximum Rate TARIFF

Your service was amazing, how do I say thanks?
Great to hear! Write a review for us on Yelp!

Our Team
We are awesome movers, we arrive on time, clean, and ready to do a great job every time—and we are proud of it. It’s like my dad always says, “Son, there’s a tool for that.”We come prepared with all the tools needed to conquer any challenge, be it a worn screw, or a broken piece of glass, a surprise bulky item, or the family piano. We’re a family company, and we want you to be a part of it.

– President, Leon Soroka

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